Cindy's SWIMWEAR Carlsbad

Hello Ladies, I started Cindy’s Swimwear over 30 years ago, not because I wanted to simply sell swimsuits, but because I realized that the “perfect look” for a woman in a swimsuit wasn’t so much about buying the most expensive, trendy, or popular swimsuit so much as about understanding a woman’s body type, her preferences in style and fashion, and how to properly mesh the two to provide each woman with that “perfect look” we’re all striving for. Without the proper fitting of a woman’s body type, no matter how expensive, trendy, or fashionable the swimwear, she is not going to feel fully comfortable and at ease in this, the most vulnerable of all woman’s fashions.

That’s precisely what we specialize in, what we are experts at, and what sets Cindy’s Swimwear apart from any other swimwear store. Yes, we are the one-stop shop providing a large variety of swimwear on the coast; from skimpy to full-coverage, trendy to retro, double A to E cup, petite to plus size, accessories such as sandals, hats, towels, beach bags to clothing such as dresses, cover-ups, and shorts. But it is our skill and expertise at properly fitting each woman’s specific body type with her preferences in fashion and style that fits her best along with our top of the line customer service. We don’t work off commission and are truly here for you to help make your shopping experience excellent.